When we lived in NSW, I wrote a blog mapping all the ocean pools that line the NSW coast. Many of them have great stories to tell both from the days when they were built and up to the present day when a community of swimmers still uses most of them every day. There’s less outdoor swimming in Victoria, but there are some wonderful vintage indoor swimming pools so Vintage Victoria will be visiting both outdoor and indoor pools provided they have a good story to tell or are housed in a beautiful old building. With swimming pools, I am broadening my definition of ‘vintage’ up to the 1950s or maybe even 60s as sometimes pools built then still retain their vintage feel and have a local community that remains attached to them. If your local pool fits the bill and I haven’t been there yet, drop me a line so I can add it to the list. And tell me your story of learning to swim there or of the antics you got up to as a youngster (or oldster) in bygone days.

Brunswick Baths

The 1920s frontage of Brunswick Baths remains a local landmark. Most of the swimming pools have been rebuilt several times over the decades but the brick wall along the side is of 1914 vintage.

Essendon Swimming Pool – Queens Park, Moonee Ponds

This 1950s outdoor swimming pool in the beautiful Queens Park near Moonee Ponds was built in that wave of post-Olympics enthusiasm for swimming in Australia. Don't miss the vintage turnstiles.

Ovens River swimming pool – Bright

They've been swimming in the Ovens River at Bright since the gold miners left the area a good while ago. Popular spot on a hot day, and with good reason - such clear water

Vaughan Springs Swimming Hole

Thousands used to come to Vaughan Springs for a day out when the swimming hole was first created in the late 1920s, with bathing beauty contests and brass bands in the 50s. Very quiet now.

City Baths – Melbourne

Fabulous 1904 building in the centre of Melbourne housing a stunning indoor swimming pool with lots of original features, including one of the 'slipper baths' needed to keep Melbourne residents clean!

Eastern Beach Baths, Geelong

Built in the 1920s, the Eastern Beach Baths in Geelong are almost as popular in 2018 as they were in the heyday of ocean swimming in Victoria. Lovely art deco features include the Promenade boardwalk.