Rather like swimming pools, many racecourses have been completely modernised or rebuilt in recent years, but in a lot of places at least one building, or even the grandstand survives. Ever since I read Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock as a kid, I’ve been intrigued by the stories that come up from a day at the races. Sometimes, the stories might involve the horses, sometimes it’s just a family day out, or sometimes there is skulduggery involved. There are lots of racecourses in Victoria, from the famous Flemington to the smallest country course in the back of beyond. If the racecourse near you has kept some of its vintage heritage, and you have a story to tell that is linked to the races, I’d love to hear from you.

Coleraine Racecourse

This 1903 grandstand at Coleraine Racecourse has watched over the running of Australia's oldest steeplechase race for over 100 years.

Casterton Racecourse

There's been racing at Casterton since the 1850s and the track now claims to have Australia's only live hedge jumps course. It's set in a natural amphitheatre so we were here for the vintage hedges

Camperdown Racecourse

The 1903 grandstand at Camperdown Racecourse was reopened in 2019 after a long restoration period. Once upon a time it was ladies only in the grandstand!

Hanging Rock Racecourse

They've been horse racing at Hanging Rock for over 140 years, though there isn't much vintage architecture here now & I'd love to hear more ancient stories of this mystical spot

Hamilton Racecourse

There's a real vintage grandstand at Hamilton racecourse. Built in 1873, it's looking a bit tired now, but such a nice fixture on this beautiful race track in the west of the state.

Bendigo Racecourse

The vintage grandstand at Bendigo Racecourse is the reason this venue made it to Vintage Victoria but there are other vintage bits dotted round this beautiful country Victoria racetrack.

Ballarat Racecourse

The old grandstand at Ballarat Racecourse was the big draw for Vintage Victoria, along with the Tea House. Lots of old stories of drama & skulduggery at the races, too, dating back to 1866.